Borderless Zimbabwe Holding (Private) Limited

Borderless Zimbabwe is licensed to mine and extract chrome from its resources. The export of unprocessed chrome ore from Zimbabwe is currently forbidden and investment in decrees of beneficiation is underway to benefit fully from the resource. These include the binding of alluvial material and crush lumpy resource in briquettes that can be exported for smelting, and the production of ferro-alloy that is used in turn in the steel industry worldwide Borderless Africa; mother company of Borderless Zimbabwe is also in possession of ±545 hectares of concessions endowed with an estimated ±1,029,000 kilograms of high grade tantalite most of which at an average grade of 45% and frequently above 55%. The quality of Zimbabwe an tantalite makes it particularly attractive for industrial use.

Borderless Zimbabwe (a subsidiary of Borderless Africa) is also acquiring a mine in Zimbabwe currently producing seven kilograms a month but undergoing an investment program to bring it up to 50 kilograms a month by Q2-14.
In combination with mining operations, the company has direct connections with artisanal miners throughout the country that permit it to supplement its own production with other resources from the rest of the country optimizing the finished blended product to the customer’s requirements.
Borderless Zimbabwe is a frequent and regular exporter of tantalite to major customers of the product worldwide.