Borderless Trading Malta Limited

Established as the administrative headquarters of the Borderless Group; and is responsible for global administration, financial control; business development; project management and operations.

Formed in Feb 2013, the Company is one of the younger additions to the Group, but has played a huge role in growth and streamlined functionality of all business within the structure.

Borderless Petroleum Limited

Borderless Petroleum Limited is owned in its entity by its international group Borderless Trading Global, and has as its main international focus vested interests in resource, energy and commodities. As its core focus, Borderless Petroleum has the network capability to source international fuel/Gas Oil supply and to secure a constant supply to the distribution networks. The consistent supply of fuel and energy resource is imperative to a nation and its industry, citizens and organizations.

The appetite for fuel and gas oil supply as well as other energy sources is growing dramatically with worldwide energy consumption projected to increase by more than 40 % by 2035. Borderless Petroleum source gas oil and fuel from reputable suppliers for supply into Africa.

Borderless Petroleum supply strategy is focused on catering to the tailor made needs of its customers in the Indian Ocean and Africa. With the constant structural transformation of commodity markets, fastened with the global onset of the maturity of the emerging markets, Borderless Petroleum has tactically devised a versatile and rich portfolio of products.

With a strategic focus on refined products Borderless Petroleum with its long term relationship with reputable suppliers, sourcing exceptional products is only a handshake away.

Block c, Belmonte Heights,
St. Ignatius Street,
Sliema, SLM 2023,