Chrome Ore

Borderless Africa holds Chrome concessions in the Republic of Zimbabwe totalling an estimated reserve of 29.6 million tons of chrome ore. The portfolio is made up of claims in various areas of Zimbabwe and covers all styles of mineralisation such as strati form layered seams, lenticular pods and alluvial and or alluvial rubble or overburden layers and covers a general CR2O3 grading of 40-54% throughout the claims. This grade level is the unique selling proposition of the chrome assets held by Borderless Trading. The bulk of the claims lie within the Great Dyke Complex of Zimbabwe, with the balance being made up of ‘Off Dyke’ podiform intrusions. Borderless Zimbabwe is licensed to mine and extract chrome from its resources. The export of unprocessed chrome ore from Zimbabwe is currently forbidden and investment in decrees of beneficiation is required to benefit fully from the resource.


The minimum level of beneficiation required for the export of the resource is the briquetization of alluvial resource that is extracted in powder form. The full resource can subsequently be fully exploited if the raw material, whether briquetted powder or lumpy chrome ore, is processed through a smelter.
The opportunity currently exists to acquire a disused but almost new smelting plant which is equipped with a direct and reliable electricity supply and with a full logistics facility for the storage and processing of the ore.